If your home or business has fallen victim to damage from a storm, you want to make sure you’re working with the best. For some problems like damaged siding, you can call a general contractor or siding expert to get the work done. If your home has experienced flooding or fire related damage, however, you will want to work with us. Our team has more than 30 years of experience helping people restore their homes and businesses after floods, fires, and other problems, and we’re ready to help you too.

There are many advantages to working with us. If you are in Manhattan or NYC, we can come to your location very quickly to start working on the cleanup process of any job. Our team will get rid of all the excess water, repair anything that is damaged, and perform a full restoration to ensure everything looks the way it should when we are done. We also guarantee all our work so if anything isn’t up to your standards, just let us know and we’ll be right back out to get it fixed.

Always Available for Emergency Service

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is that we are there for you on your schedule. If you find that your basement is flooded at 3 in the morning, there is no need to wait around until normal business hours to get in touch. We have emergency response services available at all times, even on holidays and weekends. Just let us know the situation and we’ll have someone dispatched immediately to begin the cleanup. This quick response time will help you to avoid additional damage and other problems that can occur when the water is allowed to sit.

We’ll Bill Your Insurance Provider

If you have an insurance policy that will cover the damaged caused by the storm, we can work with them directly for the payments. This can help you to avoid any financial difficulties, and will also make it so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of filing the claim on your own. Our team has worked with every major insurance company in New York, and we’re a trusted provider so you can be confident that anything that can be covered, will be covered. If you don’t have an insurance policy that covers this specific type of storm damage, we can also work with you to come up with a billing arrangement that you will be happy with.

Friendly Customer Service

While we definitely provide the best quality service in NYC or Manhattan, that is not all. We’re also committed to providing the best and friendliest customer service possible. If you have any questions about the work we are doing, just let us know. You can also make special requests on how you want something done, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. Our goal is to ensure you are 100% happy with everything we do, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you need. To get in touch with us, please simply dial 212-389-1928.